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Unbearable upper abdominal pain

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I have been to the emergency room twice and no results. Plan to see a gastroinerologist the day after tomorrow but I am concerned that with all the tests at the hospital nothing was found. They think it "may be" an ulcer but all that I have read online is that ulcers cause minimal to moderate pain. This is in NO WAY moderate. It is extreme like nothing I have ever felt before. I am a healthy 37yr old female. What could this be?
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replied February 27th, 2009
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If it is a central abdominal pain, just below the breastbone, accompanied with indigestion symptoms, it could be a stomach ulcer.
If it is a right upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back of shoulder, may indicate a gallbladder disease.
Abdominal pain in the upper left quadrant, signals pancreatitis.

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replied March 3rd, 2009
I've had pain left side under ribs for 2 yrs now. This all began in full force when I got sick a couple years ago with the flu. Prior to this I had a dull ache but nothing that I was concernced about as it only irritated me when I was sitting which I thought I was just me sitting improper. I've had colonoscopy, endoscopy, x-rays, ultrasound, CT scan front/back, nerve block injections (T7,T8,T9)steroid injection(nerve block counter acted where i was in severe pain so I was given steroid injection to calm it.) Nerve block helps subside some pain. As for meds, I've tried Lyrica & Cymbalta. I'm at my whits end, 2-yrs is a long time & no one knows what the prblm is. The pain travels anywhere on the left side but the main source is under the ribs & it is only getting worse. Sometimes I feel like there is pressure on my ribs where my ribs are going to break. What makes it worse, sweeping, dishes, computer at my job, sitting, lifting. Sometimes the pain is so intense, in my chest area where my chest musles hurt, I think of going to hospital emergency but I know when I get they won't be able to find anything either, so I just ride it out. I don't know what to expect day to day. I now get razer sharp pain more closer to waist line. The pain changes course & right now its like a T-form. The waist line is where the T-crosses & where I get razer pain. The pain is increasing where my mid back, around the waist line, to the front. I feel like I'm straining all my muscles. It's like it spreads because now in the last couple months a dull pain is going thru the left arm. I know the arm pain is connected as I can feel it. Bit of medical history. I was born with a congenital hip & had a cemented total hip replacement in 2003. I often wonder if this is related even though my orthopedic surgeon doesn't believe it's related. Pain often goes from the hip to under the rib cage, waist line to mid section. What I'm feeling many times is that theres a nerve that is being pushed into the rib cage. If someone could find out the source which stems directly under the rib cage, along the waist line, then maybe theres a solution. I fear what had started out small is getting worse as time goes on. My right side is perfectly fine.
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