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unable to straighten elbow after break.

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well... about 9 years ago i broke my elbow while on a rope swing, went to hospital and everything and they put a small arm cast on a real small one, left that on for a while then they took it of and nothing had happen so they x-rayed it and didn't see how big the crack was, so they rebroke it and put a bigger cast on. took it off looked like it had got better but took it of earlier, buh has to rebrake it again and put metal wires through my elbow and put a cast on again, but the wires got infected and had to come out early, so just put another cast on but nothing happened so they didn't do anthing else. so now ever since then my arm is bent and WILL NOT straighten no matter what you do to it and it really puts me down because im a very active sportsman i havn't been picked for the regional rugby side because i can't get my arm muscily/bigger because i cant do proper work outs.
is there any thing any doctors or any one can do?

thanks if you help!
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replied January 1st, 2010
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See an Orthpedic Specialist...Usually there is someone who specializes in areas of repairing limbs that did not heal properly...Possibly you will be able to find one that can be of help...Hopefully this, with therapy will do the trick...Good luck...

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