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Unable to pass gas and bloating

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For about 4,I've been unable to pass gas or have a bowel movement without having to manually stimulate the rectum area.I only have diarrea and runs for the last 4 years.I bloat out and look like I'm pregnant.I'm bloated up to my chest and will feel real tight.I constantly feel dehydrated,fluish,sweats and sometimes a blistery looking rash on my fingers.I've had the barium edema test done which came back normal.That test was so painful for I could not pass the gas! I suffered from that for about 3weeks!Every morning it takes me at least 45minutes as a little at a time comes out,always diarrea and only if I stimulate the rectum area I can get some of the gas out abit at a time as well!It's the most embarressing thing in my life! The only thing different in the 4years is,I've had a mouse infestation where I rent.I don't know if this could cause my symptoms or not? Or the fact I was on 8 oxycontin for about a year for cronic pain pain in which I got myself off.I was very sick from them and shouldn't have been on so much medication for I was quite thin.I back then started with ofcourse constipation.Could it be that my system or muscles just don't work anymore?
Does anyone know what this could be or have had this problem?
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replied March 13th, 2012
You probably have some sort of food allergy. I would cut out all grains for a week or two and see how you feel. Check out the Paleo or GAPS diet. It has helped many people with very similar digestive issues.
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