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unable to have Bowel Movements

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It started when I had my 5th abdomial surgery (2 C-Sections, 3 for hysterectomy) since then my bowels have been abnormal. As I get older it gets worse. I can go 3 weeks without having one. I tried everything...Fiber of all kinds...laxatives...and enemas. For instance, I took a laxative pm, and yesterday am. They had no effect on me. Gave myself and enema...and it helped some. Then took 2 laxatives last night and today nothing.
I feel bloated and have some pain on the left side of my abdoman. I feel Nausea at times and always miserable.

please help
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replied December 6th, 2009
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You really need to see your doctor about this rather than self-treat. This could be a symptom of a more serious problem, maybe something related to the surgery. Plus, long-term use of laxatives can actually make the problem worse.

Go see your doctor ASAP.
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