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Unable to concentrate and feeling disinterested in studies

I am studying eleventh standard.
I am from chennai, tamil nadu, india.
I, sometimes, really feel disinterested in studies.
I hate living. Many times, i ve thought about achieving something. But i am unable to follow what i do say. I wanted to score more marks. But i never work for that. Working for that, makes me go frustated. I need to speed up and start studying now for a good future.
I need some advice to avoid disturbances, deviations and to promote interests and concentration in studies. I am helpless now. Hope, u will help me giving, good advice.
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replied November 22nd, 2013
No frustation, Concentrate on your goal or achivements you will be automatically sit for study. Do meditations your memory power gets strong. Plan or schedule your extra curricular activities. Do more excercises. Drink water lot. Relax yourself. Start studing to aiming your achievements.
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