i uses ttb charts for several months and also those ovulation test to find out the right time to have intercourse to get pregnant, but still there was no success!
is it normal?! or there might be some problem with me or my partner?!
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replied April 7th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Shantal, It can take up to a year before you have to be worried. Do you have regular cycles?

Did you and your partner clean up your lifestyles to reduce stress, heat on his genitals and toxins (drugs, smoke, alcohol, narcotics)? Do you have regular sex around your ovulation (at least once every 48 hours but preferably once every 24 hours)? Do you also track your cervical mucus to make sure the ovulation tests and ttc charts are accurate? Do you use sperm friendly lubricants? Do you optimize your chances of conceiving by orgasming at the right time and keeping his semen inside you for a few minutes after sex?

The eggs that you release at ovulation started maturing 3 months ago and his sperm 2 months ago. Any adverse thing in that time can affect your fertility.

The quickest way to get one stumbling block out of the way is to have a sperm analysis done on his ejaculate. It is not invasive, difficult, painful or expensive.

Best of luck TTC!
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replied April 10th, 2010
Hi Susan,
first let me thank you for your respond.
Actually i have done every single elements that you mentioned above,
- quit smoking ,and drinking alcohol me and my husband both,
- i have a regular 25-26 days cycle and by using ovulation test and ttc charts and also tracking my cervical mucus we have sex every 24 hr at that time.
except my orgasm, which i leave it to be normal, i mean either it happens or not i really don't care.
an since i heard some lubricant are not sperm friendly i stop using any kind.

you see every thing looks fine except the result!!

so honestly i am worried now. i know as you mentioned it sometimes takes a long time, but i though i can reduce this time by considering those fact above.
an as you may know, it was not easy to convince my Doctor to do the sperm analysis test for us before 9 to 12 months!
so is there anything else i should know or do, or not!?

thanks again for your time
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