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Umbilical hernia repair open surgery recovery

I'm on day 7 of recovery since my open surgery umbilical repair and I still can't sit up without pain. I can walk and lay down without feeling any pain but I can't sit. I sat in my partners car for 10 minutes earlier and felt sick and breathless with pain. From reading other people's accounts they have had less problems with sitting at this stage. I'm worried something might be wrong and I start a new job in a week and a half! Is this abnormal at this time? There are also mixed messages about relaxing or working through the pain. I'm not sure what to do.
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replied November 21st, 2016
I'm my 7th day of a right hernia repair.. the day after sergury, I felt good and walked 2 miles while being on 2 hudrocop/apap.. I felt great and then next day I got chills and felt exhausted..
Doctor recommended that I listen to my body... if I could do over I would have only walked 1 block and called it a day.
Saw, the doctor and he told me to continue to listen to my body but do not lift anything over 5 pounds and light walking is recommended for the healing process
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