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umbilical hernia?/bleeding button

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Should i bring him to the hospital?
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My boyfriend is 24 yrs old. He has recently noticed some blood like discharge coming from his belly button. He has never had surgery there or anything like that. It is not a continuous flow of blood(like gushing) I would compare to a women spotting during her period. Its is a dark brown/reddish color. He does not have any pain, he feels fine other wise. I have been taking his temperature just to make sure he doesn't all of a sudden spike one. He is 6'2 about 300lbs. I am just wondering if i should be concern or just continue to keep and eye on it. He doesn't like to make a big deal out of things but this is just so out of the ordinary so i am concerned. And he hates doctors and hospitals so he doesn't like to tell me when he is in pain so he might be and just not telling me. Thanks. All advice is appreciated.
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