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Ulnar nerve compression - Biceps/Triceps pain/weakness?

So after undergoing a nerve conduction study, I've been diagnosed with cubical tunnel syndrom in my left arm. I went in the first place because I've been experiencing tricep and bicep discomfort/pain in both arms since may of 2012 and these past few months I started developping numbness in my fingers on my left hand. Allo of this pain started shortly after I partially tore my tricep tendon of my left arm while working out, which took place within the first quarter of 2012. After the tear, I didn't immediately consult a doctor, but instead continued to workout all while avoiding exercises that caused the pain. Well a month or so after,I gradually started to feel bicep discomfort in my left arm (while working out) and then some how the same kind of pain spread to my right arm (beginning in may 2012), all while resting from working out I might add !

Basically, I haven't been working out since may of 2012, I tried this past february getting slowly back into it, but I cannot do any upper body exercise without inducing discomfort in my biceps and triceps...of both arms ! Just to give you a quick example, I was doing 8 lb bicep dumbell curls with my right arm and I felt discomfort in my TRICEPS ! Suffice it to say I virutally cannot workout my upper body without some sort of discomfort in the tricep and bicep area of both arms.

Anyways, before I get off track, the doctor proposed surgery to decompress the nerve, but I'm real hesistant because I;m truly convinced that the pain I'm experiencing in my biceps (deep dull pain right in the middle) and triceps (sharper pain, comes and goes) is not related to this ulnar nerve entrapment and believe something else is awry. As i said, I do have numbness in my ring and pinky finger and there's no doubt that this is due to the ulnar nerve being compressed, but as for the bicep and tricpe discomfort, i have some major doubts. For starters, I'm experiencing similar pain in my right arm, where they didn't pick up any nerve damage. However, the pain is more intense in my left arm.

With all that said, could I please get some input from people who have experienced this kind of problem. Is it normal that cubital tunnel syndrom can cause all this pain ? From what he said, surgery doesn't seem to reliable in relieving my problems, even the numbness!

Thanks for any input
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replied March 31st, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Your biceps and triceps problems are not comming from your cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar nerve compression). These muscles are not innervated by the ulnar nerve.

Since you have been dealing with this problem for a while, it will probably not respond to further "home treatments".

You might want to see a physiatrist (specialist (MD) in physical medicine and rehabilitation). They deal with all sorts of musculoskeletal problems.

Good luck.
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