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Types of Gout

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Gout is a common type of arthritis and accounts for about 5% of all cases of arthritic condition. But what is gout and what are the stages of this condition?...
Gout manifest for physical reasons...but what puts you at a greater risk of developing the disease? What risk factors should you avoid?...
Gout present symptoms mainly in the joints. Learn which signs to look for, and when you should seek medical help and diagnosis of gout....
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There are more than 18 documented types of gout. This ranges from gout affecting joints to gout not affecting joints, to some which resemble rheumatic fever of which the attacks may last for weeks.

The types of gout that are probably best known are:

a) True gout - this is the result of overly high uric acid naturally occurring in the system and producing monosodium urate crystals that are normally deposited in and around joints.
b) Pseudo-gout - this is caused by calcium pyrophosphate crystals that are also deposited in and around joints. Pseudo-gout meaning “false” gout can cause gout and also coexist with gout. However, the appearance of these crystals in joint fluid, vary distinctly when viewed under a microscope.
c) Calcium phosphate crystal deposition disease deposits ultramicroscopic crystals that are not acidic, into joint fluids. The crystals are snowball-like clumps that occur in rheumatic conditions. This syndrome occurs in young woman, less often in young men, and is treated the same as gout.
d) Calcium oxalate crystal deposition disease is rare but most often occur in patients receiving hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.
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