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Hi everyone! I have been battling what someone may consider a lower form of acne for over a year now. In high school my acne was never this bad, but since I started college I think my stress levels have increase and so the acne has decided to increase as well.

I have been using a newer type of Nutrogena (sp?) which has helped take away at least half the acne I had when I started using it in December. I love it, it works to keep the breakouts from coming so often, and when the breakouts come they only last about two days and are gone. What I have noticed with it is the fact that the hair around my forehead seems to be becoming damaged, like the product is eating away at it. I don't have bangs, but on both sides around my temples the hair has broken off and is very damaged and dry, which is another reason why I am wanting a different acne-fighting product.

I am constantly having black heads on my cheek (which I never use to get those at all) and my pores seem more open on my cheeks around my nose, and my temple area has big black heads as well...My forehead usually has no blackheads but there seems to always be smaller bumps there that are acne related...I don't have the redness to my skin that lots of people get.

I wanted to ask what other people have found that works for them. I have thought about many different products and have tried a variety of a few as well. I know people who have just used bars of soap on their faces to wash with, and I have tried that a little but it doesn't do anything.

Please and thank you! Smile
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