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Type 2 diabetes symptoms ?

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Do I have type 2 diabetes?

Hi! I've had a bad diet for 10 years - emotional eating. My intake of sugar is very high. Example is that in the latter half of 08 and all through the first half of 09 I may drink 2 Litres of Coca-Cola per day! Although I didn't know it then, I think I was displaying symptoms, but those I have now are:
Always dehydrated, always thrirsty, Dry itchy skin (when I take anything with sugar/or even regular food I get an eczema-like rash on my arms which clears quickly) Always hungry, I experience anxiety at night especially, shortness of breath & sometimes little nervous twitches in bed. When I stopped drinking Coke I experienced bad withdrawl headaches & also had a groin rash. very tired. it seems that this is almost textbook hyperglycemia, but I have a feeling it's type 2 diabetes?

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