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two weeks of bc after Mirena removal

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After I had the IUD removed b/c of unpleasant side effects, I was instructed to start my Tri Levlen BC pills immediately. Well, I am an idiot. I took the first week of pills twice. I forgot I had started one pack (don't ask me how) and then started another one. I took the first week twice, in other words. Now, I feel like I might be preggo. Although, it could be hormones...or just in my head...I dunno. I only had a 1 day period this last go round' (which isn't normal for me). I am nervous. I don't mind another baby...but I'm not big on surprises Smile What do you think?
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replied May 30th, 2008
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You would likely NOT be pregnant because you started pills, and took them every day.

MOST likely it is simply hormonal side effects, which should settle down in the coming 2 months.

No big deal about starting another pack on accident, just make sure you take one pill every day until your period week.

IF you get confused, just remember.... 21 active pills, and then 7 placbeo/period week pills.
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replied September 8th, 2009
So I had my Mirena taken out last Monday and started bc pills the same day and was wondering when you got your first period? I had slight spotting for 1 day and that is it so far.
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