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Two weeks late, neg test, lots of spotting, no true period

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Hey guys, I'm not freaking out about this but I am a bit concerned. I am two weeks late, just took a pregnancy test which came out negative. No signs/symptoms as of yet (this would be baby #2 for me). I've had no signs/symptoms of my cycle starting either except for the fact that I have been spotting a couple days on and off for the past week. Not enough to wear a maxi-pad, or even a panti-liner. It just shows up when I clean myself after using the restroom. Sometimes it's bright pink, and sometimes it brown. I am sexually active with my boyfriend, but we are very careful. We always use condoms.
Here are some other things though that I think should be put into consideration also:
At the end of June I stopped using birth control after using it for a year because it was messing with my hormones and I figured using otc contraceptives would be just as effective.
I've also had a good amount of stress lately, but I didn't think would affect my cycle by this much.
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