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two depo shots, now diabetic.

i dont know if these two have anything to do with each other or not, but its worth a shot.

in january i started taking the depo shot because of irregular periods. stupid me thought no periods would be better than irregular ones. anyways thinking back now, not long after that, maybe mid january, early february, some of my diabetic/insulin resistance symptoms started. having to pee a lot, being thirsty a lot, my vision getting slightly blurry. i didnt think anything of it. March 26 i took my second shot and everything went south fro there. everythign was soo much worse. peeing, couldnt get enough to drink, vision soo blurry. i ended up in the ER on April 7th with high blood sugars. at home it said between 450-500, i checked on two different meters (neighbors) so it was right. but at the hospital it was about 290. the Er dr told me i was insulin resistant, or diabetic and to check with my family dr. got put on 500 mg of metformin. sine then, about 6 weeks or so, i have lost 15 lbs. i weigh 194 currently.

long story short, i have to go june 11th for my next shot, which im switching to pills, but i just started my period, which my dr said when i start my period, it means the shot is starting to wear off sort of. since i started my period, i started throwing up and having diarreah. the dr wasnt open but the pharmacist told me to lay off the pill till i feel better and take half a pill each time till i talk to my dr.

my neighbor said i ight have to be put on a lower dose, that maybe the depo shot was causing me to be insulin resistant and since the shot is wearing off, i wont need the pill anymore. i didnt take it tonight like the pharmacist said, and i have no vomiting or diarreah. could my insulin resistance e beause of the shot? if it is, will i be ale to come off the metformin and ym sugar levels me okay?
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replied May 25th, 2013
sorry, 500 mg of metformin 2x a day is what im on
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