Hi, I'm a high school student (16 years old), and I have been having a series of intermittent "twitchings" on the right side of my head. To be specific, it is right above my ear. The "spot" is a bit swollen. A bit swollen, and my doctor dismissed this problem because the swelling was not big enough.

I have this "attack" about 20 times or more per day--doesn't matter what I'm doing. Each "attack" lasts about a minute or more, but usually comes back for seconds and thirds. The sensation I am feeling is not necessarily "painful," although it did catch me on a surprise today, and with that came a series of intervallic "twitchings."

The "twitching" feels just like your eyes twitching, so I thought it would be related to stress and tiredness. I am a frequent caffeine drinker and I used to sleep 4~6 hours per day. I resorted to sleeping 6~9 hours per day for a week now, without success.

I often find myself pressing on the "spot" in vain to suppress the "twitching." The "attack" is not necessarily "painful" because there are times when it just feels like when my eyes twitch. I am guessing that the "attack" has gradually gotten stronger.

This "attack" is not a "ice-pick" migraine, I belive. They have never been as painful as descriptions in this forum. I did try to find some help online, but I found most of the forums inactive.

I do not know if this information helps, but I have had frequent dizziness for years, and sometimes (right now, for example), the headache accompanies the "attacks." I found myself having troubles with elevators. My right ear, but not my left ear, hurts when I hear brass section (about 15~20) play at a level from mf~ff. I had troubles going on the stairs (mostly going up).

Please, if someone can tell me what I'm facing, it would be a great help!
Thank you very much!
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replied May 27th, 2008
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What kind of problems you have with elevators and stairs?
Do you get dizzy?
What type of headache you have?

The twitching you are experiencing is a small, local, involuntary muscle contraction. There are various causes for it appearance, but, most of them are benign.
Coffee and other stimulants can cause muscle twitching directly.
Magnesium deficiency (try to eat bananas and almonds), which can be caused by stress, leads to muscle contractions, too.

Have a good, ehealthy day!
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