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Twitching Fingers.?

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So, im a 13 year old girl.. and ive had this weird twitch in my index finger on my left hand for like 2 weeks now, and its gotten worse. Neutral
-things that i do with my fingers on a daily basis: play guitar, play piano, pop my knuckles(a lot), type on the computer, and text(but texting doesnt have to do with my index finger..)
-and im right handed..but the twitch is on my left hand..
-and i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but i get very severe muscle cramps too..

>>>i would just like to know exactly whats wrong with me.?
and why is does that.?
and do i have to seek medical attention.?
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replied March 13th, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
hi velanie
i'm sorry you are having trouble. there are so many things that could be causing the twitching finger and muscle trouble. if you went to the dr now he will most likely say wait awhile and see if it goes away. in all probability it will just go away on its own.
here are a few things that might help make it go more quickly....
take a multi vitamin each day
make sure you drink enough water
get enough aerobic exercise
try to eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, fish, chicken meats and dairy products
if this doesnt work you should see you primary care dr so he can run a few tests.....let us know how you do....pete
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