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twitching feeling behind eyes

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For about 2 years now, I have developed a pulsating/ twitching sensation behind my eyes that bounces my vision a bit. I cannot see this on the outside of my face but can def. feel it happening. It is usually an all day thing. When I get head colds etc., it seems to subside. Sometimes it seems as though it goes along with my pulse. I will say that I was a cocaine user for approx. 1 year prior to this happening and started happening when I was using. I have now been clean for 2 years and am clueless as of why this is continuing. I had my sinuses checked by my doctor and he had said that the inside of my nose looked normal. Any idea on what this may be? Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?
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replied January 24th, 2009
twitching behind eyes
I have had this in my left eye for the last week. Advice on this is pretty scarce - the only reference I have found on behind the eye twitching is here. The feeling I get is a vertical twitch going on behind the eye. Like you, there are no signs of this on the outside.

After a few days of twitching I also got a dull ache in the same eye and a very slight change in vision (which could easily have been a speck on my contact lens). I phoned NHS direct who put the fear of god into me and told me to get to A&E immediately (this was because of the change to vision rather than the twitch - if I hadn't have had that they weren't too concerned).

Better safe than sorry I went to Moorfields Eye Hospital A&E. After a 3 hours wait and 5 mins with a doctor he confirmed there was nothing to worry about. Just wear my contacts less and help my eyes by using a hot compress and artifical tears.

Not sure if your situation is the same. My twitch gets worse when I've been working on the laptop for a while. I've never used drugs.

I've done the hot compress thing a couple of times and worn my glasses more and the twitch definitely seems less frequent - but it could be because I've stopped worrying about it.
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