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Twitching and pain on right side

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I went to the emergency room this morning , severe lower abdomenal pain that started a little over 24 hours ago.

the pain is on my right side theres a twitching thats intermittent.
At the ER the ran a ct scan and ultrasound looked at my apendix and gallbladder
the doctor said those things looked fine but i still have the problem i'm in alot of pain it feels like the right side of my belly is swollen it hurts me to twist, situp even hurts when i lay down due to my insides being pulled in from gravity or whatever.
its a sharp stabbing pain. i will admit that i feel like maybe im a little backed up
but the dr said the ultrasound didnt look too bad as far as my colon being overfull.
i don't know if anyone can help me or not i'm just scared because dr say that im ok but i truly am not i wish things were fine.i gotta go back to work tomorrow and i can barely walk, i have noticed if i sit upright it hurts less its the owrst when laying flat and trying to sit up. could this maybe be a strained muscle?
remember the pain does spread to my right side in addition to the right side of my stomach.
it honestly feels like a knot in the right side of my ab that whole area feels swollen and not normal. i am not one of those people that fake illnesses or anything it really truly hurts and scared doctor has no idea. on a sidenote i tried some magnesium citrate i think its called to attempt to get things flowing again and within 30-45 mins i vomitted it up. i have been able to hold down foood since then. but if anyone has any ideas please help me out.
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replied May 25th, 2009
Experienced User
Make an appointment with your regular doctor as soon as possible. If you can't get in within a day or two (tell them how much pain you are in and that you went to the hospital, but you feel like there is something serious--beg if you have to), go back to the hospital.

You may have a kidney stone or they could have missed gallstones.

Do you have any other symptoms? Blood in your urine? Pain when you urinate? Does the pain get worse after a fatty meal? Does it hurt to push on your stomach area (like on the right side, below the ribs)? Do you have a cough or shortness of breath? Recently get over a bad cold or flu? Does the pain radiate to your shoulder?

What happened right before this started? Anything unusual? Injury or sickness?

Does anything make it better? Putting pressure on the place where it hurts? Hot bath or heating pad? Ice?

I would drink plenty of fluids, in case it is a kidney or gallstone. If the pain gets to be unbearable, go back to the ER and stress that you are in a lot of pain. Have them check for kidney stones and do a chest x-ray (sometimes the pain can radiate to other areas).
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replied October 4th, 2013
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I had bad twitching on my right side and I thought it is my colon, I changed my new body wash gel and I felt ok after a week.
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