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Twitches , chills , chest pressure

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I've had panic attacks starting 2yrs back, and my most recent one was a month ago. I've have a quick twitch often (as of someone blows in my ear and it tickles me quick), i get the chills, and often i have trouble breathing or my chest feels pressure, and my heart races after each of these events when i worry, causing me to hyperventalate. Recently i've had sharp pains in the left side of my head and i fear it could be somehting serious like an aneurysm or something...Im scared!
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replied June 30th, 2009
Well i have the ear pain, not usually very painful but at least one day i had a sharp pain in my right ear that made me jump. Im suffering anxiety at the moment and whilst some of these threads are reassuring, some make me worry more.
Certainly from what i have read, ears are a problem when suffering from anxiety and stress and the twitches definately are.
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