This headache has been literally non stop 24 x 7 as in every second of every day of every year and a good 8 to 10 on the pain scale. There is no test, medication, treatment or procedure that I have been through that has as yet identified the slightest cause for it or been able to contain it so I can live a normal life i.e. my lifestyle is zero!

The one and only symptom I have constantly had is that if I am subjected to moderate braking and then aceleration forces such as can be reproduced in a motor vehicle, I instantly pass out for periods of 2 - 10 seconds. Nobody has the vaguest idea of why this is so.

My last string of hope was an MRI that detected:

"Abnormal venous drainage with absent right distal transverse sinus and no filling of the proximal right internal jugular vein. This may be related to an episode of venous thrombosis in the past or represent a developmental variation. The dominant venous drainage is through the left internal jugular vein which is much larger than the right. There are no destructive skull base legions evident on this study."

I am presently on doses of morphine twice daily and an anti depressant tablet twice a day as Doctors fear (they have cause to) I may be suicidal.

I would welcome relief - in any form - from this pain and have no intention of continueing on in this condition. I am a retired 65 year old airline pilot in Australia.
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replied August 25th, 2008
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Thrombosis (forming a blood clot) of the brain venous sinuses, is manifested nearly always with headache.
There are different reasons for this condition, but, most of the cases are due to hypercoagulability (condition that increases the risk of inappropriate or excessive thrombus, blood clot, formation).

Has the type and quality of your headache changed over years?
Do you have abnormal laboratory findings?
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