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Turmeric for psoriasis

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My Turmeric Story

This is the story of how the natural herb Turmeric is helping me with my psoriasis. It has been proven time and time again that Turmeric can solve many problems in the field of health, from skin conditions, to joint pain and even cancer in many circumstances.

My story is a little different to most stories but you might find it interesting. It started 8 years ago, one day I noticed a patch of slightly dry skin on my knee, but as it was not really bothering me or very painful I really just ignored it. Since sometimes you can end up taking medicine and making things worse. A few weeks later I was walking outside and accidentally stepped on a nail; typically the nail was pointing up and pierced my foot. I was immediately told to go and have a tetanus shot as always as it is better to be safe than sorry. The medical centre advised me that a tetanus and polio combination shot was now the normal thing to have so I didn’t give it a second thought; I decided to have that shot. After all I didn’t want some nasty infection from that nail.

But a little while later I noticed that the shot was giving me side effects, and then I suffered a full blown psoriasis attack, I'm not sure at this stage if it was down to the immunization shot or not but it seems like an odd coincidence. My joints flared up with pain, terrible stiffness and sharp aching around the knees. My skin started to scale and thicken in places where the psoriasis started to flare up.

The worst part was my leg, my leg developed a cyst inside which had swollen and burst, leaking oil into my leg. The leg actually swollen up to the size of an elephant’s leg, it was massive and the doctor decides I should have a steroid shot to bring it down. I then spent the next few months trying various medications and eventually settled for methotrexate.

I have been on this medication now for eight years. But this only sedates the problem it doesn’t
Solve it, I still have plaque thickness and terrible redness formed by the psoriasis, I thought maybe I was going to just deal with it and resign myself to having this condition all of my life.

Then one day I found out about a man who had been taking Turmeric as a medicine, more
Specifically using it to cure his psoriasis skin condition. My first reaction was a little skeptical, but since there was nothing to lose I thought I might as well try it. So in August 2012 I started taking turmeric as a medication. I was amazed, in two weeks some of the patches of skin had vanished completely, and the worst parts of my elbows had been reduced down the last layer, I can see these clearing up completely within months.

The skin on my left leg has also been reduced in redness and will disappear soon fingers crossed. The added bonus of taking turmeric as a medicine, along with curing my terrible psoriasis, is that my once high blood pressure is now down to normal.

A great success story for turmeric as a medication.

Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice. Always check with your personal physician or licensed health care practitioner before making any significant modification in your diet or lifestyle, to insure that the ingredients or lifestyle changes are appropriate for your personal health condition and consistent with any medication you may be taking.
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