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Tubes clamped but positive test

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I had my tubes clamped 6 years ago (the end of this month). December 20/08 was my last AF. I ovulated on Jan 5th. My husband and myself were very active after my last AF. I was due to start my AF on Monday Jan 19 but it never arrived. On Thursday Jan 15 (around mid-afternoon) I used the washroom and there was a very light pink color when I wiped. I also noticed a clear mucus discharge. Friday I was still bleeding a bit but certainly NOT my AF. My Saturday morning it was gone. Normally my AF lasts for 4 days and is always very heavy, from start to finish. I have a 30 day cycle. I took a test 3 days before my AF was due to arrive and it was negative. I tested again the day after (Tuesday Jan 20) and it came back positive. I took that one at 7am (FMU). I took another test the next morning and it too was positive. I decided not to test yesterday (Friday) as I dont want to get my hopes up (maybe too late). I tested again this morning (Saturday) and its negative Question . My tests that came back positive did NOT show up within the alloted 10 mins time frame but it was only another 5-ish minutes thereafter that they did. I always heard a positive is a positive. That you cant have a false positive but you can have a false negative and then there is this whole thing about "evaporation lines". Honestly this is the first time Ive heard of them. I had my son 6 years ago, and his test took a while to come back positive as well. Now he is a happy, active and healthy 6 year old. I am scheduled to have blood work done on Tuesday night at my doctors office but Im worried. We ARE trying to conceive and do have a surgery appt booked for April 24. I would like to think we've done this without the surgery. What are my chances of actually being pregnant on our own?
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replied April 8th, 2009
think I'm pregnant
My Tubes, have been tied foe 11yrs.
I have been out of work since Jan 2009.
Hoping I have just got fat a lazy.
But in the Last month, boobs sore and bigger,
have put on over 2 dress sizes.
Eat chocolate(never really do).
Pains in the lower body on and off
Cough, it hurts, sit up it hurts(or feels different).
i think i feel something hard in the left side of my lower side of my body and not in the right side.
gone off sex.
but just got my period i think spot bleeding 10 to early.
Have decide to see a Doctor but don't want to look like stupid if I should have no concerns that I'm having a baby.
I want someone to tell me that i'm right.
It's just getting fat, not working.
Please answer I need good news.
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