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Tuberculosis-gold test?

70 yrs old male patient c/o backache 4-5 months seen by neurophysician and surgeon
Total count Normal Raised ESR.
MRI Scn of Lumbar region shows L1-L2 body edema suggestive of Infection

Patient put on Anti tuberculous drugd for past 5 weeks
( Rifampicin+Isoniazide+ Ethambutol+ Pyrazinamide)

Tb Gold test done is Negative.

My questions are

1. Is patient really suffering from Tuberculosis?
2. Wether the Tb gold test has turned negative after 5 weeks of antituberculous 4 drug therapy?
3. Is surgeon justified in starting Antituberculosis treatment?
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replied March 19th, 2012
with taking above mentioned antibiotic active tb bacteria become non reactive withing 2 or 3 week and the TB gold test only positive when TB bacteria is in active form
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