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Tubal Lump in Vagina

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i am in my mid 20's and still a virgin so no pap smears as yet (just have not got around to it and have aspergers). Anyways for the last few years there has a been a weird lump but just thought it was normal.

But now it is really a long lump that goes to the end of the vagina
* it is now so big a tampon usually gets squished to one side and one side gets used
* it seems like i can feel it at times whilst doing daily activities
* it does not hurt if i scratch or pull at it
* today my period is due and there is such pressure down there, that i squeesed the tube and some bright blood came out, but still no full on period as arrived

is this normal? I am also getting hairy and hairy all over as the years pass.
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replied May 8th, 2011
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replied May 28th, 2011
is the lump thick and quite large?
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