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TTC 4 years. Low progesterone. Low thyroid. Clomid.

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Hello everyone Smile

I'm new to this website so any help would really be appreciated.
I'm basically looking for some success stories, inspiration or advice.

Myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for 4 years now. After 2 years of trying I found out that I have hypothyroidism. I had suffered 2 miscarriages, and the low thyroid had been the reason behind them (so the doctor told me). Well I was put on treatment (levothyroxine 50mcg) and then went on to have 2 more miscarriage's (My levels are 'normal' and usually closely monitored, having a blood test every 3 months).
By this time I was referred to a gynaecologist, and they found out that I have also have low progesterone. More tests were done and they found out I don't ovulate. Which to me sounds odd since I have had 4 miscarriages in total, so I must of got pregnant! I even had positive ovulation tests in the past!
Where I am today is, I have been put on clomid 50mg. This whole cycle I have been doing ovulation tests and they have all been negative? I'm now approaching my due date, and just know that I will receive 'mother nature'. Another heart breaking month. I am also now beginning to get low progesterone symptoms which is affecting my day to day life.
My consultant has also explained that when I do fall pregnant he will be prescribing me progesterone pessaries, for two weeks. I'm a little confused by this calculation since I have done my research and if you have low progesterone surely a pregnancy cannot last without progesterone until the baby is 12 weeks old at least, and they produce the progesterone themselves? I would only be 6 weeks pregnant when I stop the progesterone. I am also confused as to why he is only going to prescribe me progesterone to support my unborn baby and not progesterone supplement tablets to aid myself and my unborn baby. (For those who do not know, progesterone pessaries are inserted vaginally and only aid the baby's progesterone needs).

My next appointment isn't until July but I will be seeing my doctor so they can push it forward.

Any advice or success stories would really be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Smile
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