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TTC gynae has prescribed me clomephene

My gynae has prescribed me clomephene for 5 days and after that on 11th day i got my first TVS done the report is ET 5mm Right ovary have two large follicles 11mm and 7mm and left ovary has one large follicle 11mm. and my second scan is tomorrow morning. Please suggest some good tips help in conception and also we guys get together on alternate day starting from day 6th of my period.
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replied May 12th, 2016
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It sounds like you are doing just fine by yourself. Once your doctor induced ovulation, there is a fair chance that the egg will get fertilized. Most babies are conceived by sperm that was ejaculated inside the woman a day or to before ovulation. So every second day should be just fine. It will also give him time to replenish his supply of sperm.

Relax and enjoy making love with your partner. Stress is not good for you. It also helps to have an orgasm close to when he ejaculates. This is not a requirement for women to get pregnant, but research showed that a woman having an orgasm within the minute before or after he ejaculated helps with sperm transport to the Fallopian tube.

If you do use a lubricant, make sure it is a sperm friendly lube like Pre-seed.

Do not take the fun out of sex. Making a baby should be an intimate and loving experience, not a chore or work.

It takes most couples at least 3 months to get pregnant, and after your late 20s, your fertility reduces every year. So for older couples it takes longer on average. Most fertilized eggs also do not become babies. Either the egg or the sperm is faulty, or the meshing of the DNA causes damage. Your uterus will also reject a fertilized egg if it thinks it is damaged or not good. This is to protect both your and a babies life. So patience is very important.

Best of luck TTC!
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