Hello dear readers
First of all i wanna thank you all who wants to help me.
I am 21 years old
My weight 86 KG
I have been always depressed having lots of problems inside family with out any solution that depressed me since i was a kidd till now. And i also workout everyday i did all hard exercises including MMA (mixed martial arts) which has the highest tough and hard exercise and workout but i could not lose my weight and i also think that this belongs to TSH and maybe my TSH becomes from being depressed and having stress and i want to how can i prevent this and does it belong to my sexual weakness?
I was depressed but since i found out about TSH i cant even stop thinking about this and having thousands of questions but no one to tell me whats going and what to do
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replied January 18th, 2018

You will check up twice a quarterly that will help your
TSH levels as soon as possible you will recover.Go to online market provides a "Best Price for TSH tests".
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