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trying to get pregnant...i dont really understand

i'm trying to get pregnant.. me and my boyfriend had sex last night and he cam inside of me.. i've heard that you have to hold your legs up to keep the cum in, is that true? and also, when he cam inside me some of it came out... i dont really understand why that happens, can anybody help me out?
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replied November 28th, 2011
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Your vagina is closed at the top. Most of what goes in comes out again. The only exception is sperm (which is microscopically small) that can go up to the little hole in your cervix. The vast majority of his semen will however come out. You are only fertile for about a week during your cycle. If you have sex when you are not fertile, the sperm will not go up your cervical either.

When he ejaculates his semen is jelly like. The heat at the top of your vagina will allow the semen to liquify, allowing the sperm to escape, and the liquid to flow back out.

It is not neccisary to lie with your hips elevated to keep his semen inside your vagina. It can help if you have fertility problems. For the vast majority of women, there is no reason to be worried if the semen flows right back out. It is very likely that hundreds of millions of sperms made it into your cervix.
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