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trying to conceive with retrograde ejaculation

Been trying to conceive for about 4years now. What options are available with this condition?
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First Helper puffy8701

replied September 29th, 2011
Retrograde Ejaculation how to conceive "BABY RECIPE"
My husband and I went 7 years of tests. I came out fine, he came out with retrograde ejaculation. So we did some searching and found the "RECIPE TO HAVE A BABY". I started temping to see exactly when my ov was, it only took a month and a half. And right when the time was right, my hubby drank literally gallons of baking soda(1tsp in each glass)water in the day. This is to take the acidity out of the urine. Once the urine is running CLEAR (no color), have sex, and as soon as he's done, pee in a clean, clear glass bowl. Notice the semen cloudy liquid (usually separate from urine), syringe the cloudy liquid up. QUICKLY INSERT THE FILLED SYRINGE into the vagina AND IN SHORT BURSTS, empty it. She lays there for awhile(20-30mins). Now it's just waiting time.
We were pregnant only after ONE time of doing this.
GOOD LUCK and may your days be filled with pitter patters!!
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