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Trying to conceive with no results.

Hello Sir,
I am married and we have completed 3 years of our marriage. In 3 years we have sex but my husband never ejacuate inside me. Now we are planning for a baby but the time he ejacuate inside me the fluid comes out and after sex I feel pain and itching in my stomach. This month on April, 2010 I got my periods from 5th which last on 7th but after having sex on 15th April(moring and night) with ejacuation inside my I got my period early on 22nd April which last on 25th. I am very tensed. After having sex i was expecting that there should be no period but it comes v.early then the desired time. Is I or my husband have any problem. Or should we try more time. What about the pain I am experiencing after having sex..and why the periods come early.

Anny Thomas
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replied April 26th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Anny, You should not expect to become pregnant every time you have sex. it can take as long as 12 months for you to get pregnant. If you are not pregnant after 12 months of trying, you can speak to your doctor.

It will also be wise to have more sex around your fertile week. Just once is not conducive to falling pregnant. At least once every 48 hours during that week is recommended.

Best of luck TTC.
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