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HI all
i came off the pill in september last year and been trying to conceive since feb/march time but havent been having very regular periods, after i came off the pill i had a period but then my next period after that was 3 months late then the following one was 1 month late then the next one was 2 weeks late then my next period was 3 months late again which i came on the 15th June which was my last peirod,
we have been properly trying this month and having sex every other/ every 2 days to boost our chances i took a pregnacy test yesterday and it said negative but im not sure if its too early to be taking tests, as im not sure when i would be due on or when i ovulate, can i still get pregnant if i dont have regular periods as im worried that its never guna happen im trying not to worry about it but its very hard not to can anyone help me or give me some advice please?
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replied July 17th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, consider seeing Gyno to help regulate periods
best wishes
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