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ok here it goes im 19 i have done the marine corps and a;; those glories im not a party girl and would really like nothing more then to start a family well me and my fiancee have been trying for a baby seance Oct with no luck i have been raped twice once at a really young age and again last year when in the marines anyways heres my question me and my fiancee tried really hard this month we had sex the week before i ovulated and last week i ovulated. well here is my problem i know its really early but my nipples hurt all the time some times i cant lay on them i dont have cancer and have never had sore breasts when i menstruate i aslo feel sick when i wake up for close to a hour or more at a time have not vomited yet but i know it will happen the way i feel recently i have been having cramps which i never have before a period as well i have very prominent blue veins on my breasts and they are noticeably larger am i pregnant or what is going on can someone please help Question
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