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Trying Cymbalta

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I just began 30 mgs a day of Cymbalta and for some reason my DR lowered (I think by accident) my xanax from 2 mgs to .5 which is a HUGE jump. I take it only at night before sleep. It seems to ward off night terrors.

Anyways, I took my first dose yesterday and literally 30minutes I felt a difference. I felt a bit disconnected then after I forced myself to get motivated I had bursts of energy and almost a surreal feeling of happiness and content.

I slept well thanks to my xanax ( I still have 8 days left of 2 mgs) I woke up and took it today and felt just .... weird. Not bad just content and not anxious.

I have some energy that I didn't have before and I feel more rational. Now I know this isn't common to feel any effect this soon on a GAD med but I swear to god I do.

i've tried SSRI"s n the past and they did not help what so ever. Thankfully there is now SNRI's and I hope this is what I've been needing. I have PTSD and GAD.

Anyone have any positive experiences with this med?
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replied April 29th, 2008
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Hope this continues to work for you. Xanax is the only thing that has helped my anxiety (GAD). I know it is very addictive, but if you are feeling you are losing your mind, and can't sleep at night due to anxiety, you will do what it takes to get rid of that feeling. I take .5 mg at bedtime and upon waking in the morning, as well. I also take Buspar twice daily - nothing seems to be really helping with my disorder. I have not found an antidepressant that does not have side effects. I tried Cymbalta, but after three days, I started having numbness in my left arm and my doctor told me to discontinue it. I really hope it helps you!
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