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"Trying" and "Doing"

Hey, Goodmorning everyone I hope everyone is
having a great day. I am new to this forum and
as an athlete I would love to give advise, and encouragement
to just anyone who can open themselves up to my advise.

As I see these posts I see that people put that they are"TRYING"
to lose weight or they are"TRYING" to let go of the addiction of food.
Trying and Doing are very very different, and with that said each word
produces very different result.

So the first thing you would have to do is have a shift of conscinceness
and instead of saying you will try, say that you WILL DO.
If you can master that and sincerely mean it, you are on
your way to a healthy living.
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First Helper healthy144

replied April 8th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
Here are some excellent resources on eHealthForum which may help you:

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