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Trouble without afternoon sleep

Hello . I'm a highschool student, studying hard for a national exam . I always have this problems : Falling sleep difficult , waking up difficult , some kind of Depression as the result of when I can't sleep afternoons so I'm not Refreshed therefore I can't Study. . It's my habit to sleep after lunch And If I don't, I can't study efficiently afternoons and Mostly make a lot of mistakes in Calculations of Subjects Like Math , Physics ,... .I got 8 hours a day mostly. Recently I asked a Neurobiologist about it and he prescribed this medicines : XANAX (Alparozlam) Wellbutriun (Zyban) and Modafinil . But still I have this problems.
Please Help me because this problem is interrupting me in whole aspects of my life .
Thanks .
(And sorry for probable English problems , I'm not Native !)
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replied August 15th, 2015
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Hi, first thought is those are some hard core drugs you're taking for sleep at such a young age. You might want a second opinion from another medical professional.

Second, why are you sleeping afternoons? For how long? Long daytime naps is one of the prime reasons why people can't sleep at night.

My suggestion would be to implement a disciplined sleep schedule ASAP. At your age you probably need somewhere around 9 or 10 hours a night. I would suggest setting a consistent wake time early in the morning, near sunrise if you can. Then keep that wake time the same 7 days a week, every day, as much as possible. Set your bedtime about 9 or 10 hours before that, depending on your needs.

Then minimize any afternoon napping to no more than about 15 minutes maximum. Even if you don't sleep but only relax during this time, you will feel noticeably refreshed.

This should have the effect of ramping up your internal sleep drive, and synchronizing it to your circadian rhythm. That may be all you need to restore better sleeping and better daytime performance.

You should also be getting ample daytime exercise, and avoid caffeine in any form (including colas and chocolate) after mid-day.

Please be very careful about taking these powerful drugs for sleep. If you have legitimate psychiatric conditions (not insomnia!) they are treating, that's a different story. Verify this with your doc.
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replied August 15th, 2015
Hello . Thanks for your help .
2. It's a bad habit in our family ! I really hate it but you know it's very difficult to give it up and whenever I want to give up this habit I have some great difficulties so I prefer to continue this habit . It was good till 2 month ago , I used to take 1 hour nap after lunch and then It really helped me to a higher efficiency in my studies .
But recently , nearly 1 months after starting summer vacation and being more free by not going to school , It got like a problem .
It's near 2 months that I can't sleep at this time so I have such problems mentioned in previous post .

3. I'm really kind of Frightened (!) from leaving this habit (Maybe because I'm afraid of decreasing my efficiency and times of study ) . Does this Plan helps me to solve these problems quickly ?, because I'm losing a lot of time due to these problems...

4. I forget to say that I drink some tea during day (It's like a tradition in Our Country ! ; IRAN )
but not any other thing like chocolates and like that .

5. Can you describe more about exercise should I do ?
and when it should be done ?

6. Which kind of doctor I should ask about the drugs ?

Thanks .
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replied August 18th, 2015
Some Home remedies which you can try for your sleeping issues:
1. Drink mixture of warm milk & honey every night
2. Nutmeg powder aids in good sleep
3. Use lettuce juice
4. Bathing with hot water before bedtime
5. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, music therapy, acupressure are good in sleeping disorders
6. A mixture of cinnamon, buttermilk, honey

These remedies are to be used only in mild conditions, in case of severe or chronic conditions you should visit your doctor.
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