I have been dating my BF for about 6 months. He treats me amazingly we have a strong connection. First month we had some issues come up where he would go drinking hanging out with the boys and I wouldnt hear from him and the stories he would tell were crazy. One day he used my bank card and went on a crazy spending I joined him later with friends he was not himself. I know he doesnt do drugs but I thought he might have he was so different. Later that night I got pulled over and turns out he was wanted by police for a brech. I had no idea I was so shocked. I found out the next day what he had done. He did time for three months we kept in touch he was getting help. The guy I was dating and in love with was so different then the one.

He wanted a new start and a new beginging he didnt want to tell me worried I would leave him. I also found out about all these lies he said so I would like him and he really thought they were real. While he was in he found out he was Bipolar. He was on meds 20mg. We talked and worked thru things and we moved in together we were a family he was a great father figure and everything was going well. He was taking his meds and not drinking, I find alchol makes it worse.

Then we wanted to get a truck to use for a business we were going to start doing renos. I gave him some money to put towards it. He was working and giving me money.
The day he went to get it he was texting weird and it was like that bad day we had a long time ago. I couldnt get thru to him. I was so upset and fustraighted. I didnt hear from him the next day he had no idea what happened and ended up just drinking the money away. We broke up for a week then he moved back in promising he would change. It was all good again. He saw a doctor and they said he should now be on 150 mg for two days then go to 300 mg. Well he got worse he couldnt focus he was so out of it. He didnt tell me he felt so bad on the meds and went off them he did the 150's for 2 days and 300 mg for one day. So he went for three days without meds. I thought it was the change in meds he was not himself. So on the fourth day I go to work and find out he has taken my bank card and went spending money like crazy. He wouldnt answer my text I could not get thru to him. I left work changed my card. I went home and all his stuff was gone.
He moved out and said we were done. He pocket dialed me and I could hear him parting and he was drunk. He started to text at night and asked where I was. The next day he said he didnt know what happened had no money and no pills. He said he wasnt good enough for me and he wanted to die.
We text off and on trying to make sense of things. Hes paying me back the money. He is now on better pills and seems like the guy I love again. He is working away on the rigs I have not seen him since he left. So he is back in a week and a half. He will have all my money but he wants to be with me and loves me. I love him and want him but I cant keep going thru this. He said he doesnt know what was happening it was like something in him took over. He promises to stay on meds and will talk to someone and go to AA. Plus no more drinking.

I know he wants to change and the life we had is this posible or should I just move on? Thank you
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replied August 29th, 2012
Honey, do yourself a favor and move on. You will end up completely bankrupt, he will ruin your credit and you will lose your sanity. It's just not fair for him to keep doing this to you. But if you take him back you are making yourself more vulnerable and he will keep taking advantage of you. I am going strong it's been more than a month since I contacted my bipolar ex. It is hard, because I still love him but he will never change. It's a long recovery but you have got to stay away or you will lose your sanity. Please spare yourself and walk away before you are further destroyed.
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replied August 30th, 2012
I strongly agree with yeahitsme! Why would anyone want to pursue a relationship with someone that is mentally ill? I dated my ex not knowing he was bipolar. He is in denial saying he is ADD, probably because he doesn't want the label of bipolar. I ended up in therapy and my pdoc told me he was bipolar and possibly borderline. She told me to get away from him and save myself. Upon my doc's advice I started journaling. Once you start writing all the stuff down, you begin to realize how crazy their behavior is. I never thought I would be in this position, but here I am. Unmedicated, drinking bipolar men are pure evil. Run, don't walk!
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