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Trouble swallowing - is this Bulbar Onset?

I am a 44 year old female. For the last month and half or so I have been having trouble swallowing. Started with feeling like food is sticking in my throat (which has happened on and off in the past ), but now I am also having issues with liquids feeling as if they are going up into my nasal cavity when I swallow (water, coffee, etc.) and then I cannot seem to get it out and it then feels very thick and mucousy for a long time after. I just had an EMG on my arms and legs and also an MRI of my brain because of numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. Both tests were normal. I have not mentioned the swallowing issue to my Neurologist yet because I only just realized that it could be a neurological issue.

I am terrified that I may have Bulbar Onset ALS. The food sticking/lump in the throat feeling didn't really concern me because I know that is a common symptom of reflux and assumed that's what it was. But now this nasal thing is really scaring me. I fear it is a result of weakened muscles.

I have an appointment with Neuro next week, but as of now I am so scared I can barely function. Are there other things that can cause this nasal/liquid issue?

Thank you so much.
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replied January 21st, 2018
My husband has progressive bulbar palsy, his started over 2 years ago with speech issues. We saw many doctor's , a speech pathologist and 4 nuro . specialist. He had swallowing issues for the last few months.He has a feeding tube , and a text to talk device now.We at still in shock over the AlS.But it did start slowly. Best of luck , I think your fine.
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