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Trouble sleeping after broken back

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I might mention things that aren't the problem, but I'm going to include whatever I think may play a part in it. I am an 18 year old male and I broke my back about a year ago. I had delayed healing, so it took longer to heal, and I've been having trouble sleeping since. About 5 months after that I started getting panic attacks. Also on top of this I'm a college student. Whenever I try to fall asleep and I'm just about to enter my dream state I get a really weird indescribable sensation and wake up with the room spinning. I also still have bad back pain and a sharp/tight pain in my chest when I lay down. It ended up to the point where I fell asleep at 5am and woke up around 2pm or 3pm. I tried taking melatonin and I did not like the way it made me feel, even though it is "Natural". I was also prescribed Hydrocodone or the pain but it made me feel weird, the same feeling when the hospital I was staying at overdosed me with morphine. I have tried to fall asleep early, but I just lay there for hours in pain with so much on my mind. About 4 days ago I thought to myself, "If I can't get my sleeping pattern back to normal falling asleep early, then how about I try falling asleep late by staying up the whole day". I was going to stay awake the whole day, but then I started feeling strange (I explain more of why I feel this way in the next paragraph). So my next plan was to stay up and struggle to stay awake 4 extra hours each day and then sleep for 9 hours. At one point I was able to stay awake until 4pm! All i needed was one more day to fall asleep at 8pm. But, the day after that I couldn't even stay awake until 10:30am. Right now as I am typing this it is 8:20am and the last time I woke up from sleep was around 7pm. I have doctors appointments, physical therapy, calls to make about a therapist, but I cant do that if the only time i'm awake I can't feel like myself or think like myself.

About a couple years ago I stayed up for 6 days straight (This was before I had a problem with sleeping). No, i wasn't on drugs, I didn't even try Marijuana before then. On the sixth day i started to feel weird. Almost like my mind went into a sleep state but I was still awake. I just felt really strange. So that night I finally went to sleep. Since then every time i stay awake even a little bit past my norm, i feel that same strange feeling. It's not a normal very tired, It's a strange very tired.
Now, every time it reaches around 6am, I get this strange feeling. No matter how i try and change my sleeping pattern. I am really desperate to get some answers on what I should do. I really need help! The last 4 days has been a complete haze and all i want is my memory and descent sleep back.

Thank you for your help if any Smile
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replied August 1st, 2017
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Hi,considering your medical conditions you should see a doc ASAP. You don't need to go this alone, and you shouldn't.

Your medical issues are potentially interfering with your sleep, as are your pharmaceuticals. All this needs to be evaluated and managed by a professional that examines you and knows your medical history.

Also ask your doc about sleep hygiene and all the nondrug methods to improve sleep. These include keeping a consistent and realistic sleep schedule. Consider asking for a referral to an MD that specializes in sleep if your doc only wants to give you sleeping pills.
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