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Trouble picking up pregnancy

hiya there i need some help
im getting very tired and fed up of being mess around by my doctors waiting for blood test results

ive been told im pregnant since april
they cant seem to pick up on it with any blood tests or urine tests but they have felt my stomach and gone by my symtpoms

i had a scan in april but nothing showed up and they said it may because it was early days
since then ive been put on hornome tablets to boast them up as they were increably low for my age
im 19 and been with my partner for 2 years
all my symtpoms and my stomach has bloosmed since april
what is going on why can't they pick up on anything is this normal ?
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replied September 10th, 2009
Experienced User
when are you going for an ultrasound? it should show up on the tests. have you done a home pregnancy test? id say go 4 an ultrasound, it should defenatly show up by now. i hope it all goes well 4 u!
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replied September 11th, 2009
i can't do home pregnancy tests as ive had PCO i was treated for it back in january then my doctor told me to start trying for a baby
then in april all symtpoms etc were getting stronger but they couldnt pick up anything only by feeling my stomach
they said to me 3 months ago that i had to wait 3 months to go and have a scan
its getting tiresome waiting about when i could be buying things etc ...
nothing adds up just need some answers
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replied September 11th, 2009
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i know exactly how you feel, im 8 weeks preg, possibly twins. now all my symptoms are gone so i feel i really need answers so i can get on with my life.

well i think the doctors should know what they are talking about. so chances are you will have a beautiful baby soon! go shopping if u want to.

so how far along are you now? u should be feeling the baby move really soon id say.

you could probably make up some excuse to the dr and get them to give u a referal 4 an earlier u/s?

i think it will all be ok, so have fun go shopping and good luck & best wishes 2 you!
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