My name is Lisa Me and my boyfriend have been trying to conceive since beginning of November. Every time we have sex no matter the position, the sperm always comes out am i able to have children? We want a baby so bad what can i do I dont have regular periods I just started one today as of January 26th but we had sex last night and the other night could that have done anything or what can i do please help!
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replied March 7th, 2010
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What is coming out after sex is called flow-back. His ejaculate/semen contains a microscopic amount of sperm that will go into your cervix and uterus. The rest of the fluid together with your own juices will come right out again. The heat in your vagina will make his semen go watery and allow the sperm to escape into your body. The flow back is thus much waterier than his ejaculate that went into you.

Make sure you have an orgasm from 45 seconds before he ejaculates to about 2 minutes after and keep your hips raised above your body to keep his ejaculate inside you for 15 minutes afterward to optimize the chances of getting as much as possible sperm inside your uterus.

So in short, flow-back is normal and not a sign of anything but a natural process.

It seems like you do not understand your cycle and when you can get pregnant. There are only about 7 days or less every cycle that you can get pregnant. These days are around 3 to 2 weeks before your period. From about 10 days before your period to after your period, you are typically infertile and can not get pregnant. Your body should give you various signs when you are fertile and about to ovulate. You can research 'fertility awareness methods' (FAM) to learn about these. This is especially important with irregular cycles. FertilityFriend (dot com) has a good free online course, but there is also a lot of information about FAM available elsewhere.

Take care and best of luck TTC!
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