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Trouble Dealing with Anger/People

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I think something has been wrong with me for a long time. I've spent so much time dealing with all of my physical problems and now that I am mostly stable I find my mental/emotional ones making a larger impact. It's now impacting my work and I"m not sure what to do. Just this past week I had a conversation with some internal customers who informed me that they saw me as extremely condescending, arrogant, and generally make the part of our jobs that require us to interact far more difficult than necessary. They said that they would request another member of my department to work with if they had a choice, which to me means that they know they don't have a choice because they've asked. I'm really stressed about this. I'm not saying that they are saints, we have issues with each other on both sides. While I generally don't like working with them because they previously haven't really carried their own weight with the workload between us, I thought I was at least (mostly) civil. I've never had an easy time dealing with others, but I didn't think it was this bad. Any advice?
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