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Trouble Breathing with Nose and Throat

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Hi. For over 7 months now, I have had some extreme problems with my throat and nose and breathing. It started off as a slightly sore throat, but it was different in that it wasn't the beginning of a cold. Instead, it feels like my throat is tightened so extremely that when I breathe in, it's narrowed. The end result is smothered breathing. It's definitely different from a stuffed nose, etc. My nose often pops like air bubbles are in it. When I breathe in through my nose, my throat feels like it tightens as I breathe in, so I can never reach the apex of my breath. All I feel is this thin column of "coolness" in my throat, instead of overall coolness with no restriction feeling. When it gets bad, my nose actually feels so tight like it's sucking in on itself as I breath in at the same time as my throat.

I can't seem to find any answers at any type of doctor (ent, lung, heart, allergy, etc.). It's causing me great distress since it's just lingering on for months now. I know it's not a cold. It's like my throat is permanently tightened or something. Does anyone else have these types of symptoms?
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