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My partner and i have been trying to have another child preferably a boy or even triplet baby boys. We have 3 gorgeous girls our oldest is 6 our second is 3 and our youngest is 16 months now were trying for a boy or three boys to complete our little family.
It was easy falling pregnant with the 3 girls, it took about a month each with the girls but its taking much longer for a boy. Please help us on how to conceive 1 or 3 boys. Razz
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replied August 30th, 2009
Hi, OMG 3 babas all at once :O Hates off to ye. I find ONE enough (mine baby girl is 18months) I dunno how true this is now but they say Boy sperm is slower than girl sperm so the boy sperms die off b4 they reach the egg and if u orgasm near the cervix a boy is more likey and if u orgasm closer to the vagina a girl appears. they also say a diet high in dairy and saltier food increase the chances of having a baby boy. Smile
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