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trigemenal neuralgia and mouth numbness

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I m 68 years old man. Look much younger than the age. Yet, have few problems
Gastro problem
Blood Pressure
Frequent headaches and migrain type head aches
frequent numbness on the thighs
left knee problem (pain - give way )
The pain reason to report for another serious problem
Now for the last 7 months having severe pain on the right face including er pain, pain on the jaw and gum nd now for the last two months on the teeth nd mouth numbness. Doctors have identified this as Trigemenal Neuralgia and taking 1 x 200 mg in the morning nd 2 x 200 mg
tegrettol. This is in additon to the medicines what I m taking for gstor,pressure etc. As I understand the Tegrottol should reduce the pain after a period of two - three months and also the shooting pain come and go but in my case the pain starting with migraine type head ache , ear and then all the teeth and jaw ND IT LAST FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS. The Mouth numness remain always. Dificult to chew or bite hard etables. The pain is severe and unberable.

Had dentist checked, Thyroid checkd - normal, Brain MRI taken - found everything is normal. No damages to trigemenal nerves. Glad to receive your views.
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