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Tried to pop milia/ hard, large red pimple

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So i just recently started wearing glasses about 4-5 months ago. Recently, I noticed a patch of small white dots appearing between my eyebrows where my forehead begins at the bottom, where the center of my glasses rest. They are very small, perhaps the size of a pencil point, and not raised above the skin. There are about 3-4 of them. One of them grew slightly larger than the others and started to raise slightly, but was not inflamed, and was still relatively small, less that 1mm in diameter, and I tried to pop it with a needle. I sterilized the needle with alcohol, and I wiped my face with the alcohol before using the needle. I then tried to pop it slowly, nothing but blood came out, and a small hole was in the center. It got infected, and now it is a large hard pimple like thing with red skin surrounding. It developed a very very small whitehead on the side after it got infected and popped on its own, then started scabbing. However this white head was very small and only on the side of the now large and red pimple. This was about 3 days ago.

It is now just a large pimple looking thing with irritated red skin around it. It never hurt, not before i popped it or after, so it has always been painless. It is elevated and very hard. If i stretch my skin, the pimple like thing turns white (i guess blood rushes to it?). I have had this larger pimple for about 5 days now, and it has reduced in hardness and seems to start becoming slightly squishy. it is a total of maybe 3mm in diameter, however is days go on, the elevation seems to reduce, but the diameter seems to increase, along with the redness. I avoid touching it and have taken relatively good care of it. I have been putting Benzoyl Peroxide and neosporin on it.

I have uploaded a picture, but please take note that the elevation of the entire pimple and the redness of the entire pimple is larger than it appears in the picture. In the picture, it appears to be forming a whitehead, but note that this is on the very side of the entire pimple and is only a very small part of the entire elevation and redness of the entire pimple. (in the picture, please take note that the elevation of the entire pimple and redness is larger than it appears as in the photo it appears to have a small whitehead forming, which is only on the side and a small part of the entire pimple).

The picture can be viewed here: -pop-milia-whiteheadnow-hard--large-red-pi mple/show/1513299

I did not know how to upload or attach a photo here.

Question: Was this milia or a whitehead, or neither??? What can I do to make this thing I have now go away???? what is this thing now? Please help me
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