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My husband and I have been in a monogomous relationship for 6 years. We have a healthy lovely 5 month old baby girl. Just yesterday I found out I have trichomonas. My dr. tried to tell it is possible to get this when germs from the rectum invade the vagina. This makes n
o sense to me because trichomonas cannot survive in the mouth or rectum, it is a parasite so how did it just appear out of nowhere? Obviously, I did not have while I was pregnant because I had to go through a ton of exams and all that. My daughter is perfect and has no problems whatsoever. I was reading you can get it by using contaminated towels, washcloths, or sheets. I never use other people's things, especially not towels and sheets. My husband has no symptoms at all. I don't understand how this could happen even though both of us have been together with only eachother for years. Is it possible to pick trichomonas up from a toilet seat? I am really confused.
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replied June 24th, 2009
trich and toilet seats
Hi - I had this same exact problem a year ago and was very distraught. It defintiely threatened our marriage because my OB-GYN insisted that it was only sexually transmitted. I did more research, however, and clinical research shows that it can be spread by toilet seats, particularly when come into contact with a damp toilet seat. There is a secondary incidence in the elderly, which indicates this truth even further. Just make sure your husband is treated, too, so you don't pass it back and forth. Trich can actually live in women's systems for years and years as well before presenting symptoms (not as common in men) and can be transmitted to babies during birth, so get your baby checked, too.
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