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Tri-Mix and Sudaphed

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I've used tri-mix for several years. Occasionally a dose will result in an erection that lasts much too long after ejaculation and aches . In the past I have used the over-the-counter drug Sudaphed to counteract the tri-mix after ejaculation thus relaxing the erection and reducing the ache. Sudaphed is no longer available without a prescription and I would like to know if there is another OTC drug which would have the same relaxing effects as I had with Sudaphed. I love the tri-mix but the marathon aching erections I can do without. Any help is appreciated!
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replied July 26th, 2009
Community Volunteer
Talk to your Pharmacist on this...They are very knowledgeable and can help you...Seriously, they are far more up to date that a physician on medication...The doctor has so many things to try and remember and the Pharmacist has to make this part of his/her job and is really wonderful to talk to...Good luck...

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replied November 24th, 2011
You can still buy Sudaphed "over the counter"...just not "off the shelf". You have to go to the pharmacy counter and ask for it.
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