Hi all,

Looking for re-assurance, more than anything. I have an appointment with a Neurologist on the 12th but looking for opinions prior to this if anyone would oblige.

My problems started in January this year. Whilst sat at work, I was overcome with a sudden bout of dizziness; so much so that I actually slumped off my chair. I had blurred vision and slurred speech, but remained conscious and coherent to some degree. Paramedics were called who noted a bpm of 150+ and slightly elevated blood pressure. My oxygen sat was fine, blood sugar fine. Slowly I recovered over the next 10-15 minutes, decision was made not to visit hospital.

Booked for GP a few days later, who noticed my pupils were different sizes, chest seems clear and heart seemed fine; however he referred me to hospital for an xray of chest as he had concerns about a DVT (?). Obviously result was clear, referred back to GP for further tests. They did blood tests which, according to the follow up, were fine. GP diagnosis; Anxiety. giggle

Symptoms remained and progressively worsened over the following months, with more frequent dizzy spells and spontaneous bouts of palpitations.

In Aug this year, started experiencing severe headaches at the back of my head with blurred vision, memory problems, problems concentrating and constantly feeling in a dream-like state. With headaches came a strong "pulse" feeling at back of head, basically feeling my heartbeat radiate from the back of my head down the top of my spine. Also started waking from sleep very breathless, partner mentioned that I've started holding my breath in my sleep (?)

Around the beginning of september I noticed that any slight change in temperature would send my whole body into uncontrollable muscle spasms; so much so that I have to hold my head in my hands to see straight (if that makes sense). During these 'tremors' I do not feel cold, but lose all control over my muscles. These episodes last for 10-15 minutes and eventually I return to normal. Have also noticed my left hand seems tingly / numb for the majority of the day, have slight weakness too when gripping cups etc.

Appointment was made with GP again to re-evaluate in September, who upon seeing my notes from prior visit, immediately said I had to 'calm my anxiety down' without taking any vitals / tests etc. I asked for a follow up blood test which was refused as "apart from being a little pale which stress can cause, you sound healthy". Immediately asked for a second opinion and appointment booked in for alternate GP.

First appointment with alternate GP noted weakness with left side, not just hands. resting heart rate was 42bpm which he said was quite low. Different pupil sizes with slightly delayed pupillary response in right eye. Without question referred me to a Neurologist.

Can anybody offer any opinion or advice, or even reassurance. Contrary to what the first GP stated, I can say with all honesty that this is not anxiety. Rolling Eyes

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replied November 8th, 2013
Thank you for the posting. If the question is whether anxiety could be a major player in your case, the answer is yes. Is the any disease that can cause the whole set of your symptoms? The answer is : unlikely. My approach to the cases like yours: first a thorough neurological examination. Diagnostic testing and other specialties consultants if something is suspected. The conclusion about the cause follows. By Andre Strizhak

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replied November 21st, 2013
Hi Dr Strizhak,

Firstly, many thanks for your reply. I had considering across this whole length of time whether anxiety could be a major factor in the cause of my symptoms. But genuinely believe it not to be the case.

Sure, over the past few months (after my symptoms started) I have had several attacks of anxiety, but all that happens during these "incidents" is that they exhasberate my symptoms. After I have calmed my nerves, so to speak, my initial symptoms remain.

I did have quite a lengthy consultation with my Neurologist on the 12th, who mentioned I had slight paulsey in left eye (?) as well as 'other' symptoms, or as he put it, red-flags.

Neuro wouldnt give his opinion as to if there is a genuine issue and chose to wait for test results before discussing further. I'm scheduled in for a head and C-Spine MRI with and without contrast tomorrow (22/11) and back with Neuro middle of next week for results, so should have a better idea about what is going on then (if anything).

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replied November 30th, 2013
Hi! I have experienced many of the symptoms you have described, but not all. Mine turned out to be a mixture of Type II Diabetes and genetic Essential Tremor. Essential Tremor is frustrating because they still don't exactly know what causes it. It is just involuntary movement and other strange neurological issues without known cause. There are millions of sufferers. Once I got on medication for both, things got much better. I do still shake a bit, get dizzy, ache, and pretty much always feel sleepy. But things have gotten to the point where I don't feel so horrible that I feel like giving up. In my case I do think anxiety was starting to play into my issues because I felt like people were staring at me when I shook so bad or when I started sweating like crazy or freezing for no particular reason. I was forgetting things all the time, was dropping and breaking things at work and my shaking made things slower for me, so I do think all of these things contributed to anxiety and depression for me that went along with the other two disorders. I worried I would lose my job and that I as letting everyone down. I also found out I have a brain deformity but the doc says it shouldn't be contributing to my issues. I still kind of wonder though. Good luck to you! Bodies can be pretty confusing works of art!
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