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Tremors -balance has gotten worse, Seeking advice

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Hi all. I'm currently having some issues and was wondering if anyone had been through something similar.

I'm 32 years old and four months ago i started suffering paralysis in my right hand, neck and right side of my face followed by tremors. The tremors are mostly at rest but sometimes they continue a movement, like if i shake my head. I had previously had tremors in the right side of my body for very brief periods during the past couple of years but it went away after a few weeks. In this time my balance has gotten worse and i have gotten dizzy a lot easier.

Over the past four months the tremors have spread first in the right side of my body but is starting to move over to the left side. They have got considerably worse to the point where the tremors and freezing are full blown episodes and now during the bad ones i can't walk. The stiffness that was only on my right side (like unable to relax and tenseness) four months ago has now spread to my left. It affects my speech, concentration and memory.

I saw a neurologist in March who didn't really give me an indication of what it could be. I did find out that i have far less sensation on my right side than my left but not much else other than it may be a movement disorder. Am waiting for an MRI at the end of May and am no longer fit to work.

Could it be something simple like a trapped nerve? Can you get tremors, paralysis and loss of sensation in your face from a trapped nerve? My partner is convinced that it is aspartame poisoning although i haven't found any valid evidence that this actually is a real condition as aspartame seems to be blamed for everything.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Going a bit nuts playing the waiting game.


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replied October 12th, 2012
I was also having tremors, and would also wake up to an arm or leg flying up in the air at night uncontrollably. Among many other symptoms, it all started a few months after I started chewing gum. If you research aspartame and monsanto (the makers of aspartame) it is clearly bad stuff. Before I knew what it was, I went to accupuncture which oddly helped quite a bit. I took aspartame completely out of my diet and am slowly getting better. So, it's worth a try for you to quit anything with aspartame in it, just to see if it helps you?
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